Sushi Express

Monday, December 15, 2008

The gees and cees.

C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 - C - G7 - C - G7 - C -G7 -

My left hand's getting tired! I've got my new toy to keep me company though. When all's lost and when you're feeling bored, just turn to music. Glad to see some familar guitar terms appearing though.

Christmas is coming soon, but somehow there isn't any party or plan to get my innards all jiggling and grooving to the xmas beat. Indeed, it's always the festive season that makes a person feel the loneliest. Being surrounded by nasty people doesn't help either.

However, there's always 2 sides to a coin, so as they say. Look on the bright side!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


It seems like the group here is divided into factions.

Oh well who gives a damn.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not good with programming

Ah... a change of template means everything gone? What happened to all my links and chatbox?

Someone please help.

Chong chu jiang huuuuuu

Due to an insufferable lack of entertainment...... I'm back!

Looking forward to 6th December, when hopefully all our hard work will finally come to fruit.

6th dec... the day when one of my dreams will come true!

Come on 6th dec!

All the hiking trips have made me realized one thing - Am i born to chiong sua?

Just a thought.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Away from ICT

Woohoo.. feels good not to be reporting for ICT.

But feels bad too. Wonder how the guys are coping without me.

And I've finally gone electric.

Time to rock and roll!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Been awhile

To go electric or not?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cooling up

Just when i was complaining that it was getting warm, the weather took an erratic turn for the better. Cloudy the entire day, with forecast expecting a comfortable temperature range of sub 20 degrees, no wonder I'm smiling on my way to work today. Tomorrow's gonna be typhoon day, but luckily it's not gonna hit Tokyo.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Been a long time since i added anything noteworthy here, so i thought i might just put in some pictures from my latest trip to the land of Zen - Kamakura. Many zen and buddhist temples galore here, so for anyone looking for a break from the city life, this sleepy town which attracts many tourists offers just that. Company for the day - Olga the Ukrainian chick again.

Not gonna comment too much here, except that it's getting bloody hot in Japan, with the 8am morning sun giving the same blistering radiation as the 11am sun in Singapore. Sweats whenever I walk to the office in the morning.

The most famous attraction at Kamakura is obviously this- The big buddha statue with its construction dating back to the 1200's. Anything THIS big will definitely be a tourist attraction.